What To Do When You’ve Lost A Pet

I desired to share this story about our Canine, Baxter due to the fact that I know numerous individuals have actually gone through a similar circumstance and no matter who it takes place to, it is always a terrible thing. I also wanted to share this story because of this excellent business that develops custom stuffed dogs just from their pictures alone.

It was a difficult day when I came house from work to discover that my canine, Baxter, had actually some how discovered his way outside, and got lost. The person who suffered the most during this time was my child, Luke.

Baxter had been Luke’s finest friend from the time we brought him home. Now that he was gone Luke declined to sleep, he would remain up all night weeping for Baxter.

Baxter cuddle cloneOne day, while Luke was in childcare, I went out with a good friend of mine and I informed her about Baxter and Luke. She recommended I check out getting a customized stuffed dog of Baxter for Luke.

“All you have to do is send in a picture of Baxter and they can make a stuffed animal that’s a exact replica of him!” she told me. I thanked her for her tip and then virtually ran house.

I was extremely excited as I typed “custom stuffed dogs” into the search engine. Sure enough, I could order a stuffed canine that looked precisely like Baxter.

When Luke and I got back from a journey to the park a couple months later, there was a box by the front door.Baxter cuddle clone

We opened the box together. His face brightened as I handed him the custom stuffed dog, “It looks exactly like Baxter!” he exclaimed.

“Yes he does,” I said “Now you can cuddle with him until Baxter comes back”.

That night Luke finally slept quietly cuddled up to “Baxter”.

My boy is much calmer and happier now that “Baxter” joined our family. We are still hoping Baxter comes house, but until then, my child has someone to keep him content and safe at night.

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